Tutorial - using folders

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Folders are the basis to subdivide tasks & reminders in Organiser. Mostly you use folders to organize the tasks into a hierarchy, like 'Business' -> 'Project Silver' -> 'Design'. Organiser knows about several item types (actions/todo/to call etc) but usually a folders contains just one type of item.

Version 2.2 added the option to determine the default item type for each folder, so it's easier to add a specific type of item; once you're inside the folder where you want a new item, just double-click outside the item list and you will add a new item. This is demonstrated below. You can change the item type later on if you want, and you're not limited to using just a single item type. Sometimes, for small folders or projects, you just want to mix item types into a single folder.

Creating a folder

First, make sure you make the current folder active where you want to create a subfolder. If you're starting with a new document, the 'All folders' folder is your only option. Alternatively, you can right-click on the folder in the left tree view and select 'Add subfolder'.

Click on the 'Add folder' button in the ribbon on top of Organiser's window, or right-click anywhere outside the item list in the item window. See Figure 1. You can enter the name and also select which type of item you're most likely to store in that folder. Click 'OK' when you've selected a type.

group action item
Figure 1

Add some other folders and try various types. The above image shows all item types currently possible in version 3.0. Figure 2 shows an example Organiser layout where each type has been inserted:

Figure 2

Notice how the icons for the folders reflect the item type you have selected. Double-clicking outside the item list will automatically create a new item of the type that you specified when creating a folder.

Changing the folder type

If you want to change the folder type later on, select a folder above that, so the folder becomes visible in the item window on the right.

Double-click the folder and the same dialog appears as when you created the folder. Here, you can select a new default item type. Nothing will change to the items already in the folder; you can mix item types however you want.

Renaming the folder

Renaming a folder can be done in two ways:

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