Tutorial - 'Gettings Things Done' process

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The book 'Gettings Things Done' by David Allen contains a method for organizing your business & personal life. You can get a look at the book at Amazon. It is commonly known and used throughout a lot of businesses to increase productivity.

The method in short

'Getting Things Done' isn't really magic; it just takes a hierarchical view of what you're doing (both personal & at the office) and lets you record it so you can clear your head and rely on a number of checklists to avoid forgetting what you're supposed to do.

In contrast to what Stephen Covey's methods though, which were rigid in that you had to plan things tightly in advance, these modern times ask for more flexibility, and David Allen's does just that. It focuses less on agenda planning and lets you move time around flexibly.

Organiser fits this paradigm quite perfectly. Try to follow the reasoning below:

'Gettings Things Done' for Organiser

To setup this method in Organiser, follow these steps:


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