Tutorial - using Contacts

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An Organiser document can contain Contacts; people who play a part in the planning or tasks that you store in the file.

A Contact is just another Item Type just like most others. They can be used though in Actions items, where you can assign a certain action to a person (aka a contact).

Creating Contacts

Mostly, a folder at the top of the tree with the name 'Contacts' is used to store your contacts. This is not explicitly needed; a contact that is inserted anywhere in the task tree is also found when adding an Action.

However, for clarity it is often wise to create a folder at the top (with the name 'Contacts') and add your contact information there. See Figure 1 for an example. You can select shortened initials, which are used in some situations to indicate the person. If you tick the 'External?' box, this means the contact is external to the company, not part of it.

contact dialog
Figure 1


An example action dialog is shown below in Figure 2. In the field 'Assigned to', select your contact.

action item
Figure 2


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