Organiser tutorial - getting started with the Calendar View

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Organiser v4.0 introduced the Calendar View (whereas previously there was only the list view; a list of items in the selected folder & subfolders).

calender planner view
Figure 1 - an overview

The Calendar view only shows Action items in your selected folder (and all subfolders), since actions have a start- and end date associated with them.

Details shown in the calendar

Actions are shown in the calendar according to their start- and enddates. Currently the color is always green; this will change in the future to indicate actions that are currently behind on schedule (orange), or possibly even very late (red). A selected action is hilited in a blue color, as shown in the screenshot above.

The current day ('today') is hilited with a soft blue background, as shown in Figure 2.

calendar today
Figure 2 - Today

Navigating the calendar

Use the PageUp and PageDown keys to move to a previous or next month.

Similary, the mouse scrollwheel can be used to do the same. In the top ribbon menu, click the 'Calendar view' button to see specific functionalities that are targeted at the Calender view specifically. For example, there is a button to directly go to the current month.

Working with the calendar

It is possible to drag and drop the items in the calendar using your left mouse button. This way you can change the start date. Note that it does not matter at which date you start dragging an action; whereever you drop the action, will be the new startdate. To cancel the drag action, just move the mouse pointer outside any of the days and release the left mouse button.

Double-clicking an item will show the edit dialog and let you modify the action text, dates and details such as people involved and hours of work.

Clicking on a day in the calendar, outside of any existing items, will show an action dialog that will start on that day.



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