Declare is the time billing solution to track your time spent on projects, as well as keeping track of any expenses that need to be invoiced to your client(s). Also if you need software to keep track of expenses you need to declare at the company you work for, than this is an ideal yet simple to use tool for the job.

You and your collegeaus enter your declarations into the same shared database allowing the financially responsible person to have a quick overview of the billable hours and costs sofar.

  • Direct and fast access to all your clients and projects.
  • Multi-user; multiple employees may access the same database to record their declarations.
  • Keeps track of all billable time and expenses.
  • Allows keeping track of non-billable time for your administrative purposes.
  • Live reported overview of totals per client/project.
  • Report all clients & project or select a single client or even a single project with just a few clicks!
  • Quick filtering on resource (view declarations for a single person).
  • Export reports to text, CSV or HTML.
  • It's absolutely FREE!

Declare is recommended for: